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We have been collecting stories from women about their own experiences with street harassment. These are the reason we keep on fighting.

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We have received suggestions from several people that the stories we should really be featuring are stories of resistance to street harassment. Instances when women have successfully fought back and resisted advances from men on the street. So send us your stories of resistance! When you gave a guy the finger, what did he do? Do you have a witty comeback for guys that tell you they like your ass? Share your stories and help other women get out of lame situations.... Click here!
When submitting a story please include your email address, especially if you would like a response. We do not automatically get a forwarding email address with our system. Your email will be kept confidential and will not appear on our website.

Check out exerpts from our West Coast friend Loolwa Khazzoom's book, Consequence, where she valiantly fights the fight to free our streets. You can read a review of her book here.

These texts are not edited but we do use some discretion when choosing stories to post.