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February 16

Like every other woman, I too have been angered, upset and actually in fear from being harassed. My experiences are the same as everyone else's here.

I've had comments yelled at me from moving cars.
I have been walking down my town's main street and made the mistake of thinking I could walk past one of the local pubs without being verbally harassed. How stupid of me.

I've had to cross the road to avoid groups of young men who wouldn't let me past and blocked the sidewalk. I have been groped at concerts and nightclubs, even when I'm minding my own business and just trying to make my way through the crowd.

If I want to go out with friends for a drink, it's highly likely that at some point I'll be drunkenly and lewdly propositioned by a total stranger. I have been in a car with female friends and been chased and asked to pull over by cars full of males.

So many men have no idea that this behaviour is not funny, it's harassment. I would love to be able to go where I want, wearing what I want, anytime I want without fear. Thank you for taking action against this and refusing to accept the 'boys will be boys' mentality so many people have.

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